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Kitchen to Table              



Nested Serving Bowls (largest 10 in.     Serving Tray (16 inch oval): Shown in
diameter): Only in forest green.             tan/brown.  
Also available in forest


Tumblers (14 oz):  Can be paired with pitcher          Tall Pitcher (1.5 quart; 
   on right.                                                                       10
.5 inch tall): In patina

                                                                                        green & other glazes.


Medium Mugs (10-12 oz): Available in      Tall Mugs (14-16 oz):  Available in 
variety of styles and glazes.                       full line of glazes.


Teapot (4-5, 8 oz cups):  Shown             Goblets (6 oz; 6.5 inch tall): Available
in tan with white interior.                        in most glazes.
Available in most glazes.

         Tureen #1(4 to 5 Quarts): Shown in patina green/tan.  Available 
         in most glazes.


     Deep-Dish Pie or Quiche Pan (9 Loaf Pan (12 x 8 inches): Oven ready. or 10 inch): Oven ready. Shown Shown in dark blue/tan. Also available in forest green. Also available in in tan/brown and forest green.
tan/brown and rutile blue. 
Large Casserole #1 (2 quarts):  Shown     Large Casserole #2 (2 quarts)
in yellow/tan with white interior. Also      Shown in forest green.  Also in
available in other glaze combinations.       speckled blue with white interior



 French Onion Soup Bowls (16 oz):       
Soup Mugs (16 oz): Shown in tan/
 Shown in tan/brown.  Sold in set of 4.      and forest green. Sold in set of 4.
 Also available in blue/tan.

         Sugar and Creamer (two styles):  Shown in dark blue/mocha and tan/
         brown.  Both available in other glazes.  


Small Casserole #2 (24 oz): Shown        Small Casserole #1 (24 oz): Shown in in patina green with white interior.        patina green/tan with white interior. 
Available in other glaze combinations.   A
vailable in other glaze combinations. 


    Nested Mixing Bowls (12 inch by 5 inch): Available
    as shown in tan/brown glaze only.


                  Chip 'n' Dip (14 inches):  Two pieces.  Only available in tan/brown.

Butter Crock: Two pieces. Shown in butternut. Also available in sky blue, spring green and tan.

Small Pitcher: Shown in sky Luncheon Set (8x10 inch Plate; 12 oz blue. Also available in butter- Cup): Shown in butternut/spring nut, tan and spring green. green or butternut/sky blue.

Large Stacking Bowls (9 inch diameter) and Small Stacking Bowls (12 oz): Available in spring green, sky blue and butternut.

Berry Bowls (9 inch diameter): Come with small plates. Slip pattern underglaze. Available in rutile blue, tan and forest green.
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